Macedonio de la Torre

By Sebastián Salazar Bondy

CThis restless artist has brought together close to fifty works. We can see the richness of his plastic fantasy and his excellent use of technical resources. It is precisely through the combination of this and another faculty that the painter produces some of his best work. He demonstrates no preference for any tendency and is not bowled over by specific achievements. He has gone in every direction in search of an expression that is always surprising and suggestive. Macedonio´s painting is characterized by the following: he climbs mountains thanks to a sort of unforeseen illumination. He knows how to deeply engage in a type of plastic development that is led by intuition. As such, it is fair to group the work exhibited according to chromatic agreement and similar themes. Some of his work insinuates resonant caverns or jungle scenes; others show scenes from the sierra or mountains, coastal representations or abstractions. In each of these series, Macedonio, led by a youthful restlessness that many would love to have, has penetrated with security, enthusiasm and emotion. He utilizes not only a wide gamut of colors but also a variety of instruments of creation. As such, he has obtained effects that are full of warmth and truth that deserve the distinction of personal, effective and eternal. However, Macedonio´s best efforts are, without a doubt, in those canvasses upon which his characteristic imagination is fully manifested- his landscapes. Nature in Peru- although many city dwellers are bothered and even offended by this concept of art- is sublimated through a set of chromatic gradations that are imposed upon the drawing like a manifestation of Macedonio´s love for what he sees and paints. The creator, in this case, filters reality though his pupils and offers it as his testimony. These are paintings of passion more than reason despite the author’s attempts to utilize theories and intellectual analysis. His highest note is the unexpected way that his brush springs to life in spite of the fact that he does not distance himself from the motives that inspire him. In summary, this exhibition consecrates Macedonio as one of the good artists in Peru today.